The In-depth Approach
Table Tennis Coaching Development Pathway

The Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme aims to establish a training and development system to develop high quality and professional coaches to all sports. Coaches will gain multi-dimensional skills in the area of sports science, coaching, life skills, evidence-based practices and will be able to promote social values and principles. The SG-Coach Programme is a replacement of National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP). Coaches will now be able to enroll in required certification courses based on course availability and their interests.

There are 2 main components for SG-Coach Programme:

  1. Theory: cover general principles of coaching
  2. Technical: cover sport specific considerations

More information about SG-Coach Programme, please visit website:

Regarding the technical component of above-mentioned in table tennis, STTA is the appointed National Sports Association to offer and evaluate accreditation. More specifically, there are two methods of accreditation available for interested individuals:

  1. Accreditation through coursework: STTA conducts ITTF Coaching Course twice a year to provide sport-specific knowledge and competencies in technical. The ITTF Coaching Course is based on the ITTF syllabus and it consists of 3 levels. A qualified International Course Conductor appointed by ITTF will conduct the course. Candidates who complete and pass the ITTF Coaching Course will be awarded accreditation.
  2. Accreditation through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Prior Experience (RPE): individuals who had formal learning in areas of coaching or with relevant technical skills and knowledge as well as relevant coaching experience may apply according to STTA Accreditation Policy.

For more information regarding the accreditation through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Prior Experience (RPE), please refer to the STTA Accreditation Policy for SG-Coach Technical.

Courses available:

1)      Coaching Course

Currently, there is no coaching course available. If you are keen to take our coaching courses, please sign up your interest here

2)      CCE Workshop

The Continuing Coach Education (CCE) programme gives coaches the platform to continually upgrade themselves in their area of coaching. Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) has been working closely with Sport Singapore to deliver higher standards of coaching to equip table tennis coaches with more relevant knowledge and proficiency in the field.

In March 2020, STTA will organise a CCE workshop to table tennis coaches. This workshop will mainly share two topics: 1) Technique about loop spin and its application in training; and 2) Official and tournament matters. Our Zone Training Center (ZTC) Chief Coach, Mr Shi Meisheng and our International Referee, Mr Ronald Wee will both conduct the workshop to provide a more in-depth sharing. All attendees will be entitled for 3 CCE hours after the workshop.

What are you waiting for? Quickly register for the workshop and hear from our conductors

Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Workshop [Fully registered]
Topics: 1) Technique about Loop Spin and its application in training
2) Official and tournament matters

Date: Wednesday, 4th March 2020
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Venue: STTA Conference Room
Fee: $15 (inclusive GST, cheque only payable to STTA)

Registration deadline: 26th February 2020, 12noon. [The workshop is fully registered]
1.            Coaches’ Code of Conduct

Updated on 01/02/16

All STTA Coaches shall:

1.1  abide by the announced rules, sports policies and procedures of STTA

1.2  conduct themselves at all times, in a manner that does not bring the sport, STTA key partners or themselves into disrepute

1.3  make a positive commitment and endeavour to achieve the aims and objectives as detailed in the STTA High Performance programmes

1.4  be positive role models for all STTA Athletes

1.5  treat relationships with all other persons (including Athletes, other Coaches, members of STTA staff, or members of the public) with respect and honesty

1.6  endeavour at all times to be mindful of safety in the course of training, competition or any other STTA activity.

1.7  refrain from engaging in activities or events unbecoming of a STTA Coach, including but not limited to the following:

1.7. 1 making derisory or derogatory comments about an Athlete’s performance;

1.7.2  smoking and/or consuming alcohol when in training camps, major championships and international events; and

1.7.3  be involved in any form of altercation with any other athlete, spectator or other person, and shall not engage in abusive, abrasive or disorderly conduct

1.7.4  not engage in any activities or conduct contrary to the laws of Singapore or in any place where the training or competition is held and further, refrain from any activity or conduct that would put Sport Singapore (SG) and/or STTA in negative publicity, embarrassment or disrepute.


Registration Process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Download registration form from STTA website
Prepare a cheque and bring along the form to take the Prerequisite Skills Test
Submit form and cheque upon passing the Prerequisite Skills Test
Collect payment receipt from STTA
STTA will inform you on the collection of coaching manual before course commencement
STTA will inform the participants if they pass the coaching course

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