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Why Sponsor?

Why sponsor Singapore Table Tennis Association?

Table Tennis provides a fantastic vehicle for sponsors to reach wide and diverse audiences.

For brands looking to promote themselves to the masses, there’s nothing quite like Singapore Table Tennis.

Sports sponsorship can raise the profile and visibility of the brand by associating with the success and achievement of the Singapore Table Tennis and its events.  There is a lot of commercial and social value as well as demonstrating corporate values and social responsibilities when a brand supports Singapore Table Tennis.

Our women’s team are ranked Top 10 in the world and have won 1 silver and 2 bronze medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics respectively.

Our athletes participates in many of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Tour and international tournaments and our sport will be able to bring your brand to international audiences.  We strongly believe that Table tennis is a fantastic vehicle for our sponsors to reach out to a diverse audience. The ITTF World Tour Tournaments alone guarantee excellent sponsors’ exposure as these matches are broadcasted internationally as well as highlight matches are being broadcast on Mediacorp.

The sponsorship dollars will support our sports excellence plans, athlete development pathway plans, STTA’s High Performance Sports System, develop the sport of table tennis and the operational cost.

Sponsorship Opportunities

National Team Jerseys

Interested companies can tap on this opportunity to showcase their products and high standards through our national jerseys to the world.

The ITTF Pro Tours tournaments are broadcast live on

Pre-School Table Tennis Programme

The Pre-School table tennis programme was first introduced to PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Kindergartens at Nee Soon South in January 2009.

Through the STTA-PCF table tennis programme, we hope to identify and nurture talented and promising players. Talented players are invited to the association’s zone training centres located at island wide for intensive training.

We strongly believe that our STTA Pre-school table tennis programme is on the right track to growing the sport and grooming more sporting talents at an early age.

We certainly would like to see more Champions coming through our Pre-school table tennis programme representing Singapore in major tournaments in the future.

We are looking for sponsors / corporations to adopt the Pre-school table tennis programme.

Zone Training Centres

We are seeking sponsorship from any corporations or private donors to adopt our zone training centres.

The zone training centres provide proper training by professional coaches and are open to all Singaporean children from 5 – 11 years old. And the participants at any of our zone training centres enjoy a subsidised training fee.

The current zone training centres will act as a structured system to nurture young talents to provide as feeders squad to the Junior Development Squad and ultimately the National Team.  Through the zone training centre programme, we hope to identify and nurture more world-class players.

Our zone training centres have over the years, groomed many players for our Junior Development Squad and ultimately the National Team.

National Table Tennis Grand Finale (Local Tournament)

The National Table Tennis Grand Finale was first organized in the 1930s and it probably has the biggest following because it is soaked in history and tradition. There are a total of seven events, which include men’s team, women’s team, men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s double and mixed doubles.

Every year, the local table tennis fraternity looks forward to the National Table Tennis Grand Finale as it is the only local tournament that the national paddlers participate in.  It will be a rare treat for table tennis fans in Singapore to watch our Sports Stars play live at the Lee Kong Chian Toa Payoh Table Tennis Training Hall (located at Singapore Table Tennis Association).

We are pleased to share that the STTA broadcast its tournaments live on Facebook to bring Top Singapore Table Tennis action to fans across the globe.

STTA Youth Development Bursary and Provides Overseas Training & Competition Financial Subsidy.

The driving force behind the STTA OTC Subsidy and the STTA Youth Development Bursary is the desire to ensure that talented young athletes from needy families, who are committed to chasing their sporting dreams are not hampered because of financial considerations.

We understand that there are talented young athletes wanting to pursue table tennis but may find it difficult paying for the STTA training fees and the overseas table tennis training or competitions. Therefore, by providing the STTA OTC Subsidy and the STTA Youth Development Bursary, we hope to leave no stones unturned and groom these talented young athletes into Champions of tomorrow.

(a) STTA Overseas Competition & Training (OTC) Subsidy – talented young athletes from needy families can receive up to $5,000 per calendar year to take part in overseas table tennis training or competitions (“OTC”)

(b) STTA Youth Development Bursary – talented young athletes from needy families can receive up to $214 per month for up to one calendar year to defray against the respective STTA monthly training fees in the STTA Junior Development Squad, Youth Training Squad or Intermediate Squad programmes.

The above financial assistance schemes are provided to athletes whom are Singapore Citizens and are from the STTA youth development programmes.

We hope to seek the support from corporations / organisations to support this good initiative.