Team Results for STTA National Table Tennis Grand Finale, 4th to 13th January 2019


The National Grand Finale was first organized in the 1930s and it probably has the biggest following because it is soaked in history and tradition. There are a total of seven events, which include men’s team, women’s team, men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s double and mixed doubles.

This year, the tournament attracted over 300 entries and we are pleased to share the team events results , which concluded today, as follow:

Men’s Team

Champion        : Sunsports Team 6 (Poh Shao Feng Ethan, Chua Shao Han Josh, Tay Jit Kiat)

2nd                     : Safra White (Chew Zhe Yu Clarence, Koh Song Jun Dominic, Tang Hua)

Joint 3rd             : SSP Red (Pang Yew En Koen, Wong Yan Kai Andy, Quek Yong Izaac, Chong Xin Le Nicholas)

Joint 3rd          : Sunsports Team 4 (Zhang Ding Ji, Ng Daniel, Shi Kexun, Ong Yang En Regis)


Women’s Team

Champion        : SSP Red (Goi Rui Xuan, Zhou Jingyi, Ser Lin Qian)

2nd                    : NTU Hall 6 Alumni Team B (Wu Yao Yao, Koh Jing Wen Monica, Koh Gaoh Cai Idys, Ban Yinyi                                      Dorothea)

Joint 3rd               : SSP Orange (Liu Sija, Cheng Yoke Ning Janissa, Koh Jia Qi, Tan Xin Qi Shana)

 Joint 3rd           : Sunsports Team 13 (Wong Xin Ru, Tan Li Lin Jassy, Lam Teng Si, Wong Hoi Ching Mandy)