Corporate Governance

Version 1.0
Approved by STTA Management Committee on 4th June 2018

STTA Whistleblowing Policy

The STTA Whistleblowing Policy is intended to provide a framework to promote responsible and secure
whistleblowing without fear of adverse consequences.

STTA does not tolerate any malpractice, impropriety, statutory non-compliance or wrongful activities
(hereby collectively known as ‘wrongdoings’) by any STTA employees in the course of their work.
If you are aware of any wrongdoings, please submit a formal written report to either President or CEO of
STTA via email:

If you wish to make a report personally, please visit us at the address below during office hours:
Singapore Table Tennis Association
297C Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 319389

Your identity and all information / documents provided by you will be kept confidential.

We will review all information that you provide and will initiate investigation if our review indicates that
it is likely that a wrongdoing has been committed. Thus, it is useful if you can provide us with as detailed
information as possible.

Some of these information include:
· Your name and contact information
· Nature of the wrongdoing
· Name of the wrongdoer,
· Time when the wrongdoing has taken place
· Location of the wrongdoing
· Any other witness to the wrongdoing

We take every report of wrongdoing seriously and will make an independent evaluation of the case using
the information provided as well as other information available to us. Where we decide that an
investigation is warranted, we will follow up accordingly. Please note that STTA is bound by strict
secrecy provisions, thus we will not be able to update you on how we deal with the information provided
including; whether we have decided to commence investigation and the status or outcome of the case in
the event that we have investigated the case.