Vision, Mission and Values



To make table tennis the most popular game in Singapore.


Our mission is to develop world class table tennis players by identifying, nurturing and motivating aspiring table-tennis talents to become the best that they could be.

The STTA is also committed to promoting table tennis vigorously by building a significant number of table tennis players to help make a vibrant sporting Singapore.


Excellence We are committed to seek excellence in all our missions, plans and goals, both short and long term.
Inclusive We value each and every individual and allow aspired paddlers to excel by providing opportunities for training and competitions.
Integrity We are committed to the principles of truth and honesty, and mutual respect.
Friendship and respect We believe that sports is not just about winning medals but also equally a platform where friendship and respect are earned and cultivated.
Meritocracy Selection of athletes and employees are based strictly on achievement of defined criteria with no racial, nationality or affiliation bias.
Transparency Decisions are made on the basis of clearly defined policies and guidelines applied consistently.
Nurturing Plans are made to ensure skills and career development of all athletes, staff and volunteers including post competition career plans of elite athletes.
Accountability Ensuring the safety and welfare of our athletes as well as the prudent utilisation of resources in compliance with regulatory stipulations.